What Is SaaS Marketing?

SaaS marketing
SaaS marketing

Currently, cloud storage is very popular, because it allows you to free up disk space on your computer or phone by transferring files to a remote server, providing the ability to share them with friends, and organizing the sharing of documents. Let’s take a look at saas marketing storages, compare the free amount of allocated disk space, the cost of purchasing additional volume, and functionality, including the functionality of PC client programs.

The Concept of the SaaS Marketing

SaaS marketing is one of the world’s most popular cloud storage solutions. New users are given only 2 GB of free disk space, which can be increased to 16 GB by sending a referral link to register with your friends.

The main section “My Files” displays all files and folders added to the cloud. Here you can also create a shared folder by sending a sharing invitation (edit or view only) to your email address. Recently, an interesting “File Request” function has appeared. With its help, you can create a request to search for certain files, then send it to the mailboxes of other users, who, in turn, will be able to add the required files to the automatically created folder.

SaaS also has built-in web applications for opening and editing in the browser various types of files uploaded to the storage – office documents, PDFs, images, etc. The Windows program integrates into Explorer and looks like a regular folder on your hard drive.

After synchronization, the files are placed in a special folder on your hard drive, i.e. the program integrates into Windows Explorer. Now all placed/deleted files in this folder will be automatically placed/deleted from the cloud (unless, of course, you turn off the backup function).

What Do You Need to Know about Working with SaaS

Working with a SaaS folder is no different than working with any other folder. If necessary, the user can customize the client to suit his requirements:

  1. Move the shared folder and reconfigure the settings for synchronizing it with the cloud.
  2. Configure a proxy server to connect to the cloud.
  3. Add devices (phone, for example) to instantly import photos and videos from them to cloud storage, etc.

Cloud storage from a well-known search engine is available to all Google account holders. If the user has an account on YouTube or an Android smartphone, it is automatically possible to use the cloud. Google is generous enough with 15GB of free disk space.

The Google Drive web interface has a convenient design, supports many languages and the Drag-and-Drop technology (the ability to add files by dragging them with the mouse into the browser).

Creation and editing of various web/printed forms (questionnaires, questionnaires, resumes, letterheads, etc.), presentations, text and spreadsheet documents, images, website templates, and many other electronic objects. The ability to quickly connect to Yandex.Disk additional web applications, of which there are several dozen (or more). Viewing, creating, editing (including sharing with other users) of certain types of documents, or simply performing any specific tasks (plotting, converting media, drawing, etc.) right in the browser.

The amount of free space in the cloud – 10 GB – is allocated forever immediately after creating a Yandex mailbox. Exactly one year later (if the promotion is not canceled) 9 more fireproof GBs will be credited. In addition, Yandex constantly arranges promotions, participation which will temporarily or permanently increase the free disk space.

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