Specific requirements for a data room virtual Brazil

The Brazilian M&A market is slowly gaining momentum and starting to develop more and more intensively. Strategic investors have also started to come alive and create many new corporate venture capital units. Due to all of these developments, virtual data rooms have also become much more sought after within Brazil than before. In this article, we will discuss the main features of data rooms and what features are most appreciated in Brazil. 

Virtual Data Room – General Characteristics

Virtual data rooms have been around for 20 years when the Internet started to grow, but only gained popularity about 5 years ago, and now, in times of pandemic, they are an urgent need to keep business activities afloat. Data rooms are online repositories that are designed to upload absolutely any sensitive documents and share them within the space. 

Companies use VDRs for a variety of purposes: mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, fundraising, IPOs, and more, because data rooms are a versatile tool with a robust level of security that often equates to military-grade security. Depending on your purpose, VDRs can meet all your requirements, save time and costs, and are flexible and easy to use. 

Major features of VDRs and their benefits 

Below we take a closer look at all the major VDR capabilities that will bring positive change to your company, help improve overall business performance, and speed up any business transaction: 

  • Document control

The priority of any virtual data room is to protect your sensitive information and transmit it securely to unauthorized interested users. A quality provider can equip your company with the proper security, even if it is not controlled by the IT department. However, the technology must be applicable no matter what device and operating system you use. The administrator has the right to distribute access and interaction with documents to different users at different levels and can prohibit printing, copying, editing, and forwarding.

  • Organization and presentation of content 

Another data room virtual brasil requirement is a simple and easy-to-understand interface, as well as the ability to easily and structure documents within the space. Additional features to organize documents are welcome, such as tags or automatic indexing, smart search, and the ability to automatically format or support multiple file types.

  • User activity monitoring 

The monitoring function allows you to fully control all processes in your space and see the whole picture, so to speak. With its help, you can monitor the activities of all users, including inside the document. The time when the user entered and left the space, what actions he performed with the document, and so on. This allows you to prevent potential errors and strengthen your position during the upcoming stages of the transaction. 

  • Reliable cloud infrastructure

It is important that the VDR provider’s data center provides security guarantees and has all the right tools and conditions to do so. That is, that the servers have constant backups, high reliability, power systems, cooling systems, routers, and cables. It is also important that the vendor provides a strong security certificate and other general security methods like data encryption and dual authentication.

  • High level of integration

The virtual data room should have flexible and seamless integration into your organization’s existing business systems and offer a secure web service API. VDRs should have centralized access so that everything can be done within the program without leaving it or opening another program. This saves time and keeps your workplace clean and tidy.