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Lenovo Flex 5 is an affordable machine that comes with 2-in-1 functionality. The laptop comes with a core i7 processor and the Nvidia 940MX GPU makes it even more attractive as compared to the other laptops of the same price range.

Although the functionality and the performance of this laptop are not really bad but still, there are some drawbacks of Lenovo Flex 5 that are keeping it back. The looks and the power of Lenovo Flex 5 are really awesome. The shallow keyboard of this machine and dim screen are two major drawbacks of this machine.

Pros of Lenovo Flex 5

Here are some pros of Lenovo Flex 5 that are way better than the competitors. Before making your final decision about your new laptop, go through these pros and cons.

The hinges are really tough and are made of durable material

This laptop also comes with an active Lenovo pen

The display of Lenovo Flex 5 is really up to the modern standards

Battery life is really awesome and can be used for several hours

Internal storage uses an SSD option and provides speedy transfer of data

Cons of Lenovo Flex 5

The keyboard feels like a shallow box due to unused space around the motherboard

The heat fan makes enough disturbing noises

The cooling function is not really that great

Audi speakers are not very impressive and the bass is a week

If you want better options, Lenovo Flex 5 can be a pricy option

Design of Lenovo Flex 5

The design of Lenovo Flex 5 is really simple but it feels very attractive in your hands. The back lid of Lenovo Flex 5 is made of plastic black material and there is a silver logo of Lenovo on the upper corner of the laptop.

The keyboard and the inner surface are made of gunmetal grey material and the 14? display also offers touch screen functionality.

Lenovo Flex 5 Display

The Lenovo Flex 5 comes with 1920 X 1080 touch screen display. The overall feel of the display is darker as compared to the competitors and that display could be better and brighter.

If you want to watch movies on this device, you will feel that it does not offer a very detailed display due to the darker screen.

Keyboard and TouchPad

The touchpad of Lenovo Flex 5 is considerably soft but the keyboard is not very soft. The average speed rate may be great on Lenovo Flex 5 but it has been noticed that the error rate while typing can increase as compared to many other laptops.

Audio Speakers of Lenovo Flex 5

The speakers of Lenovo Flex 5 could not get any promising feedback from the users and the bass could be better. Most of the users like to watch movies on their laptops so in that case, Lenovo Flex 5 may not be the perfect place for you as the bass is also of low quality.

Final Verdict

If you want a budgeted laptop for common use, this can be a good choice for you but if you have some extra money to spend, there are many other options that might be the better choice for you.  

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