Dog Camera for Medium Breeds

Four-legged and tailed bandits unattended, who have not found where to put their unrestrained energy, can cause great damage to their owner, while he is absent. And they miss us very much … Here, to entertain their pets and to control them so that they don’t mess up when you are not at home, and such an interesting thing was created as Petcube, an interactive pet camera or dog camera ball.

Why it’s Better to Buy Such a Camera

This is essentially an interactive pet webcam. You can even say that it is to some extent part of the video surveillance system and home security. And we will be happy to tell you what Petcube can do, what is unique about the novelty and how it will delight your pets. You will learn how to use the device, which is very simple, and what you need for this.

What is This Device?

The gadget has the shape of a small and pretty aluminum cube. And its glossy front panel is very easily soiled. Inside, there is a wide-angle camera (138 °) and a laser pointer fixed on a moving platform. Also, the housing contains a microphone and speaker.

Such a camera at the bottom has a metal socket, with which the device is fixed on a tripod, that is, it can be put on a table, on a shelf, and a tripod. In the latter case, take a look at, for example, a desktop model such as the Giottos QU405M.

Use the App to Chat With Your Animal

Connect the camera to your smartphone through a special application – and you can go about your business with peace of mind. Everything will be all right at home.

When you want, you can see on your smartphone in HD quality (720p) what your pet is doing. If he plans to be naughty, for example, to taste indoor plants, to bury a “treasure” in pots with them, whatever it is, you can stop the raging animal. Calm cats in such cases obey persuasion, while dogs understand the command.


So, having such a device is worth it if you:

  • you are the happy owner of a cat or dog and do not have a soul in your pet
  • tired of pranks four-legged in your absence
  • are interested in what the beast does when you are not at home, you want to support a team of talented developers and love the original gadgets.

Of course, the gadget is not perfect. There are disadvantages. For example, the picture quality in poor lighting conditions is not pleasing, there is not the smoothness of the laser movement that you expect. There are also questions about the stability of the software.

If you or if your tailed friend liked it let you know that he also liked him, you can take it. And it will certainly be invaluable user experience.

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